How to start a career in photography in India after graduation | Where to start in 2019

How to start a career in photography in 2019 & where to start

Nowadays this has become a very common question, how to start a career in photography.  people are selecting photography as a career and think its very easy to start and become a professional photographer on a specific field like wildlife photography career but it's not so true.  we see there are many with the DSLR but few are successful in there photography career. So we are here to help you guys by providing all the information related to a photography career.
How to start a career in photography in India after graduation |& Where to start

So in previous post we have discussed about  types of options we get in photography career  we have seen  there are a lot of options available all those cant be covered in a single post so here we will discuss  about some most common fields, we you guys want any particular field you can comment down below you will get your answer soon.

  1. wildlife photography careers
  2. travel photography career
  3. sports photography
  4. fine art photography
  5. wedding photography

Ok now on this area of photography we will see how to get started in photography career  and the points we are going to cover on this area of photography career is:

  • The role of the photographer in this area
  • A skill he needed for this field
  • Camera and equipment required
  • What is the way to start this career
  • Future scope of this field 
and some tips for you before we start guys.

How to get started in photography career & have a career in photography 

Wildlife photography

How to start a career in photography in India after graduation |& Where to start

  • Wildlife photography is a place of opportunities and creativity while working outdoors for those who to love nature and can handle any worst weather condition to capture wildlife in natural surroundings, but it is also a highly competitive career and difficult to be a successful wildlife photographer. And the main role Wildlife photographers must also understand the importance of designing and displaying the images to best convey the message of their photographs to the world.

  • It takes skill and patience to photograph animals in a natural setting. Wildlife photography also takes knowledge of animal behavior, along with technical photographic skills. The job also requires the ability to edit and present images that tell the story of the wildlife to the world. And the most important is you should love your job.
  • Amazon rainforest, as we all know Amazon rainforest, covering much of northwestern Brazil and extending into Colombia, Peru, and other South American countries, is the world’s largest tropical rainforest, work as volunteer or internship to get started.
  • Since many wildlife photographers are self-employed and work on a freelance basis so it has a good future scope

Travel photography

How to start a career in photography in India after graduation |& Where to start

  • Travel photography is a combination of your love for travel and your enthusiasm for photography into a career. It is a dream for many aspiring photographers to live the life of the travel photographer whatever travel photographer capture will define a travel photograph as an image that expresses the feeling of time and place, portrays a land, its people, or a culture in its natural state and has no limitations. Working as a travel photographer is also a solo job. No assistants, no clients, no models, it is just about you and the area you are photographing. Travel photographer has to manage his funds on his own for there trips, However, working as a travel photographer is exciting and adventurous
  • The ability to see what others cannot see is what sets the professional photographer above the amateur. When you travel, anything and anyone becomes the subject of your photography. Marketing: Never forget the importance of marketing your work. When you start out as a travel photographer, do not assume that there will always be editorial work flowing in. You will have to market your images in ways that make them easy to resell and get some good sponsors
  • The best place to start your career as a travel photographer is the place which you love to visit  and you can express more about  that place to people through your image
  • Currently, it has a great future, and also this is the most dream job for many through this career you explore and learn many things.

 Sports photography

How to get started in photography career & have a career in photography

  • Sports photographers capture photos during sporting events to capture the moment. Sports photographers can sell their work to magazines and newspapers. Also, Sports photographers take fast action photos at outdoor and indoor sporting events. When you work as a Sports Photographer that is your front row ticket to all sorts of venues. Photographers working in the sports industry use their artistic vision to take pictures of fast-moving athletes during live sporting events using manual and digital cameras. You need to love sports to succeed here”  Most photographers use specialized equipment, such as high-definition lenses and multi-shutter-speed cameras.
  • Photographers working in the sports industry similar to a journalist he covers the actions and moments happening in the event by getting close to the action at sporting events, photographers need to obtain press passes. Sometimes they get this for free and sometimes they need to pay for the passes
  • You can start your sports photography career by joining any team or club in a specific field or sport and you must  Respect the officials, coaches, athletes, and staff at all times. Their jobs are more important than your pictures.
  • And talking about the scope of this field is high it seems like you guys can see how much sports industry has grown in the past few years, by looking that people are also interested in knowing more about the sport and players.

Fine art photography

How to get started in photography career & have a career in photography

  • There doesn’t seem to be a definitive explanation or definition for what Fine Art Photography is, A Fine Arts Photographers not only create interesting, lovely, or bizarre images but also comment on what is going on in the world and enlighten society by photographing subjects that disturb, provoke thought, and incite debate and controversy. And he Creates photographic images for exhibition in museums and galleries and also for home and office interiors commissioned by individuals and corporations; mounts or frames images for display. And mostly Fine Arts Photographers create photographic images, based on their own individual visions which also attract the people.

  • The important thing is he should be Passionate about experimenting with photography and printing processes when he gets extremely creative and innovative with his images by excellent visual eye. and he should have a  strong knowledge of color and lighting; individualistic; art history and photography history.
  • You can graduate as a fine art  photographer and can avail career options in various fields such as art studios, advertising companies, publishing houses, product design, manufacturing department, magazines, television, graphic arts, teaching, files & theater productions and many more which belongs arts department
  • The scope for this field is different in every country. In India Today, opportunities are increasing at a rapid rate in the fine arts sector. Presently, youth in India is opting for this field to obtain high remuneration, popularity, and prestige.  

Wedding photography

How to get started in photography career & have a career in photography

  • The wedding is very special to everyone and when it comes to capturing those moments in a picture here comes the work of wedding photographers.  Professional photographers play a very important role in a wedding. their job is to capture these moments in amazing photos as a permanent reminder of the bride and groom’s love for each other. A wedding and reception are probably the most significant celebrations in our life. Supplying fabulous wedding photographs to the couple. Building a good solid rapport and interacting with the wedding couple. Becoming familiar with the needs and desires of the wedding couple. The couple might turn busy with their schedules of wedding arrangements and consecutive rituals to be carried out. It's advised for a photographer to steal a few minutes from the couple's schedule to make them realize how important the couple portraits are and whenever in future when they look at that picture the moments should just cover there eyes.
  • Even if you have an excellent artistic eye, can master tricky lighting conditions and obtain a good exposure and can capture stunning images it doesn’t necessarily mean you will make the cut as a wedding photographer. Oh, being a successful wedding photographer requires a lot more than just being able to take great photos. In fact, being able to take great photos is just the start. In the wedding, it's not only about still photos so It goes without saying that a wedding photographer should be a technically competent picture-taker.  And for that, he needs to be very Patience and Creative
  • The ways of starting this field are not so much difficult but starting seems not so difficult but the computation on this field is very high, so to get success in this field is how best service you provide to your customers and the way of showcasing your work. So it reaches the people in a very effective manner. You can do this by opening your own studio, web page, or by social networking sites.
  • And talking about the scope is very high, you will get plenty of opportunities if you work on your portfolio and succeed in showcasing it to people in a very effective way.

So guys in this post we have covered over 5 areas and, The role of the photographer in this area, A skill he needed for this field, Camera and equipment required, What is the way to start this career, Future scope of this field and we have also provided the links to reach out those thing hope this post will help many people and also help us to learn more if you are interested in any of another field you can comment down below and let us know what you guys where looking for.
A note: creativity to be a known photographer in you surrounding is to be more creative and unique why would someone come to you and make a deal for a shoot with you. when you and some other photographers are same so try to be more creative at your work.

becoming creative is not a one-day thing you have to practice more and more, learning new thing and try experimenting with them, you can learn from some other photographers as well try contacting them, try to grow your network so with that people will also come to know about yours ya he is a good photographer after all.learn from google there are tons of sources available out there go look for them.

and after doing all this final thing is to showcase your work in right place and to right people, it should leave an impact, a few years back it was very difficult to showcase our work but now you have many options like, Facebook, Instagram, tweeter and many more just put some effort and time it will take some time but if you work properly definitely you will see the results.

Final thoughts

In our next post, we will look on taking a degree or a course and what are the difference between them and which will help you guys more, share this post let people know about the photography career related information and leave a comment below and share your thougths and if you are looking for are specfic career or topic and you need all the deaitls regrading to it then we are here for you.


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