Hobby or a source of income? How to make money as a photographer in 2019

Photography can make you a millionaire in 2019

how to make money as a photographer in 2019
Are you serious, can I earn millions with photography? Absolutely  yes

how to make money as a photographer in 2019

Yes, there are many proven ways to make money with photography skill, but the problem is you have to work harder and smarter both the ways.

We all start photography as a hobby or want to do some creative work and due to many reasons. But as time passes we notice why can’t we make this our career.

In a photography career, yes we can make millions, but if we do it in the right way many people struggle at the start of there career.

Yes, it's true starting a career and building a good business is not easy but it's not that difficult as before now we have so many ways to make money in photography.

Still, don’t believe me, we all may hear of dabboo ratnani yes famous Indian photographer you can go and check about him how he started his photography career and how much he is earning today.

how to make money as a photographer in 2019

Not only him there are so many photographers who are earning so much today. Today we will also see what are the ways.

12 proven way to make money with your photography skill.

Target local businesses

how to make money as a photographer in 2019

Target local businesses what are you saying?

 wait I will explain, it's not only you who want to make money everyone wants to make money and grow their businesses.

Back then if we started a business and want to introduce it to people we had given ads in newspaper, tv or somewhere else.

But now we have a very huge platform called online and here come your work  you can get them very good pictures so they can use it to grow there business

But why will they choose you? In the start don’t sell your work for a higher price just keep it average.

Go out talk in your neighborhood and show your portfolio and work to them make a deal tell them you will provide a very high-quality image so they can use it on Facebook, Instagram, making banners or etc

You can even offer them like making a deal with banner or poster makers and grow your business,  just try to think out of the box there so many ways and in today's time, they need to have very high-quality images.

Teach what you have learned

how to make money as a photographer in 2019

Just play smarter. In your city, there are so many people who want to start there career in photography but don’t know how to do it.

So help them around teach them with basics, I'm not saying dot it for free you can even charge them but first, give them some free tips after listening to you they should come back to you to learn more.

Make a group of certain people and even you can start a small business in your city.

Start contacting new people make new deals which should be profitable for you both. 

Many photographers are now taking online classes and searching to promote there work to more and more people

Talk to them tell them you can help them and they have to do the same for you just keep searching for the opportunities.

You can even make a calendar which should look very unique by using your creative work after that just talk to calendar manufacturers. 

Sell digital or printed copies of your work

12 proven way to make money with your photography skill.

Everyone likes to decorate there office, restaurants or workplaces very beautifully by selling your printed or digital copies you can make some money.

You can sell your works on your own website. Or on some sites like Imagekind

Make a good collation of images and frame it and sell it in art or craft fairs.

Get your photos displayed in front pages of newspapers, social media sites to make sure you display your work very  beautiful

When some clients want your work. offer them your printed copies at a better price.

And don’t forget the local art or photography galleries, by showcasing your work there not only you can sell your art but can also it attract more clients.

Make sure you find a good printing service because in the end, what matters is product quality.

And in today's time, many websites has dropped its price for high-quality images so be creative and unique at your work.

And as I said above Imagekind is a very great platform to sell your work to all over the world and you don’t have to do anything printing or shipping they will only manage those things try it.

Sell your work on stock photography websites.

12 proven way to make money with your photography skill.

The stock website is another way of selling your photos online, If you have a great portfolio with you and you are ready to sell it online.

Then this is a great place for you, its a very big platform there are many people out there searching for good images and the great thing is you can sell the same image for many times again and again.

All the work promoting, selling, receiving payments you don’t have to worry about anything everything will be managed by the websites.

You just make sure which stock website you are signing in and read all the terms and conditions very carefully after that you can start uploading your images in your account.

Be a regular uploader and maintain the quality of images and many sites let you store your images for free

There are so many chances to sell your photos but you have to make sure how creative your works are getting day by day the more the work gets creative there are more chances of selling it soon.

And how to do all this thing

  • First, find a good stock selling website and signup reading all the terms and conditions very carefully
  • Start uploading high-quality images and be regular and even you can store this online somen sites provides this facility for free
  • Keep improving work day by day look and analyze what kind of images are selling most in the websites which one are on demand and show your creativeness on them.

Start blogging

12 proven way to make money with your photography skill.

Start blogging yes, this is also another way you can create traffic and earn money. And also you can promote yourself.

In blogging, you can share your tricks and problems you have faced when you started your photography,

This will help many people and you will also explore new things when you start blogging its not only the blog or traffic which makes money for you. You can even earn from ads.

When your blog starts getting popular the traffic will generate and by this, you can add ads in your blog post.

And you can even promote someone else not for free, you can charge for it or make  a deal you will promote them and they will also do the same for you so you will get new readers and your traffic will increase

And when you add links or some ads in your blog which may help your readers, if they want to buy it here also you can make some money thinking how?

Look when you get any new thing like a camera or something you can write a review or your experience it may help someone and by using affiliate links and when people buy that thing through that link, you will get your commission.

Blogging may help you in many ways, to earn money, to promote yourself, to learn new thing and explore more.

Conducting photography workshops and tours  

12 proven way to make money with your photography skill.

You are familiar with your city, and around the places, you know it very well and have a great image of it with you.

Try posting it on social media there are a lot of travelers group you can join and give them an offer as you will be there a tour guide and even you will teach them how to take great images.

Keep your website up to date and social media accounts too so people will come to know what you have for them.

Even this way you can promote your self, and you will also meet new people  by the day passes you will see your business growing

Because so many people travel to new places in their vacations  your description should help people to know more about that place

And even you can write a blog about that place in both the ways it will help you to grow your business

Conduct  a workshop once in while so you can share your learning with people and promote your work whenever you keep workshops try to put a decent price

So people can also afford it and you will also generate a source of income.

Shoot portraits 

12 proven way to make money with your photography skill.

But I don’t have a studio. don’t worry still you can manage with this, many clients like outdoor or locations shoot so you will find many opportunities.

People love when they have a good looking image with them to upload in LinkedIn, Facebook, even Tinder.

Just be creative and try new thing like in the price of passport size photo, offer them a high-quality image but they have to manage everything.

If they want a very high-quality image so they will have to pay not only for the image even traveling chargers and etc.

If they don’t want to spend too much money on travel then they have to find a good location near in place try making new offers new methods of selling growing your businesses

Even you can offer them for the portfolio at a very cheaper price but don’t give them in there hand tell them to download it by your website by this you will get clicks and traffic.

Sell your photos to magazines and newspapers

12 proven way to make money with your photography skill.

Yes, try selling your photos to magazines or even newspaper get in touch with a local magazine or 

newspapers publications and do inquire about any freelancer work this will not be permanent work.

But you can take this as side income show your portfolios by doing all this you will also make new contacts

Make sure to build a strong portfolio to increase your chances of getting work.

And you may wonder how much magazines get published for a year in India it’s a very big number.

The India Today Magazine is a weekly magazine published by Living Media India Ltd. It is published in five language editions - English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam - and today, with a total readership of about 15.9 million, is the most widely read publication in India.

So do you still think it cant be a good platform for you to showcase your work and grow your self as a photographer?

Shoot for events

12 proven way to make money with your photography skill.

Its one of the most classic ways to make money as a photographer

You can shoot for a wedding, bar mitzvahs, birthdays, company events if I go listing the events happens in India then I need to write a separate blog on it.

But you have plenty of opportunities just you should have some contacts and a very good portfolio to show your clients.

Ya, it’s a bit hard working job than others but you can make a huge amount also through this and even it will help you in all the ways to grow your business.

Keep a good profile so it will help you to find clients and when you find one do you best and give a good end product.

So with that, they will promote your work for free there may be a chance of getting new clients.

And don’t forget about your website you have to keep promoting it in all the ways you can and not only events

But also like you can look for real estate photos for ads, pet photo shoots just make sure wherever you work to maintain a good relationship with them.

Enter photography contests.

12 proven way to make money with your photography skill.

Its always not only about making money every time.try learning the new thing you will see many talented photographers.

There may be a chance of finding a new business partner or you may get a great idea for something big contest will help you in many ways.

Some competitions grant cash or any types of equipment for the winner.

And also by making new contacts, you can feature your website link in their website it's always a great way to have a backlink from an external photography website this is good for exposures.

And ultimately this will help you to get more clients and traffic on your website.

Get gigs as an assistant photographer 

12 proven way to make money with your photography skill.

You may get some free time right? There are many photographers who are searching for the help of an assistant photographer. Just like actors, having a supporting role can be very rewarding options.

First of all, you don’t need to look for clients or negotiate with them for the deal and by the other hand, you will get some money from it less work average profit.

And the good thing about this is you will also get some good experience and a good relation with new photographers

Try getting some more offer like this in the start you need to do some networking job use your contacts.

And even you can join the clubs of photographers to grow your network you will find these types of clubs in online many

Even social media is also a very good place to find a club like this and groups and try joining them if someone asks help there try helping them this will help you to make some good network in groups.

Because many photographers put this kind of offers in the groups now a day if you had a good relationship with some photographers that will help you.

Edit and retouch

 How to make money as a photographer in 2019

From the top models who want to retouch there photos, to a hotel owner who needs their look little sunnier.

Many people out there not happy with the present image what they have they want to edit.

And many would pay a higher price to get their photos retouched as they want it. If you are good at editing

This is a great opportunity for you even if you are bad at this there are many amazing photoshop online courses available you to learn this skill.

This is one more way for you to earn money from your website

You can easily work on this from your home you don’t need to travel anywhere or do some hard work for it just you need is a good computer and some skill.

You can keep this kind of work for the night too if you need some extra money for your business.

Some of the best website which may help you to grow.

  1. www.wix.com ( photography website builder and also help you to store your image and sell online)
  2. www.wordpress.com (photography website builder)
  3. www.fineartamecrica.com (site to sell and print your work)
  4. www.imagekind.com (site to sell your work)
  5. www.whcc.com (this site will help you with printing work provide best printing service)
  6. www.bayphoto.com (another best site for printing service)
  7. www.500px.com  (this site helps you to store your images and sell)
  8. www.amzone.com (yes here you can store up to 5GB of images for free)
  9. www.flicker.com (this site will help you store up to 1TB of images for free)
  10. www.imgur.com (this is a community site s and let you store an unlimited image for free just make when you upload don't press the button share with the community. you can store you how long as you wish and can share privately with URL)


And above I have shared 13 proven ways to make money and also some useful websites for you guys
hope this information will help you share this with your friends and if you want to know more or you have a specific question to ask the please comment down below.


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