11 photography myths you need to stop believing in it in 2019

You need to stop believing in all these myths about photography in 2019

When you start photography career whatever you listen to seems true and as the day passes you will realize this is all the myths.

11 photography myths you need to stop believing  in it in 2019

Now photography is a huge art form everyone has a camera, everyone has a lens right now but there are certain myths in your mind.

Which if not clear you can still have some doubts that may slow you down in the growth as a professional photographer, As a beginner, everybody is confused about their profession is this a true or myth. 

So by this post, I'm just trying to help new photographers out there who think this is not a myth and they still believe in this.

 Here is the list of 11 photography myths

The job of a photographer is too easy 

Yes taking the photos is not a big deal anyone can do this, but being a photographer is the toughest job.

Hmm, even a school kid can press the shutter and can take the picture.

But it's not easy to capture what you want in a truly appealing manner.  To take such an image it requires a certain experience, and a lot of skill, and most important dedication.

The complication of the matter only an expert can understand like that only a true photographer can realize the complication and the challenges faced by him in the journey of capturing that image.

And saying is easy you can start a photography business but nobody teach how to start the photography business.

When they upload the stunning photo on social media everyone thinks they are so lucky what an easy job just go to the place you love and click some images

But that's not the true struggle behind that stunning image the efforts it takes, hours to edit the image to give an appealing look.   

If you want a great photo you need to have an expensive gear

Just like spending a lot of money and buying a piano will not going to make you a good musician. Similarly spending a lot of money on an expensive camera will not make you a good photographer.

Do you know what is the most important component of the camera?  it is always 12 inches behind it. hope you got my point. 

Ya, I know and agree that more professional gears can provide you more flexibility in clicking photos and get an amazing result out of it.

But the main point is its not the expensive gear that giving you the great results it's you a skilled photographer makes the job easy and manage to take even great photos with fewer tech-gears.

Before you spend on the new camera or lens in the market just think a new way of exploring with your old stuff.

Try experimenting with your tools and try to take a proper grip on them so even when someone asks you to click the image in the middle of your sleep it should make any difference.

Educate your self with every single function and feature of your camera has, and how can you experiment with it.

Even an expensive gears cant guarantee you that with the help of it you will never get bad clicks.

Shoot a ton as many as photos you can 

Its funny how can you get a right click, when you are not properly focusing on the content. and it is known as ‘ ‘ SPRAY AND PRAY ’

A lot of time I listen to people saying like, I got 1000 photos of it but no one is perfect. I mean what, what  I want to say them is, listen properly to what you are even saying.

Means you are assuming that shooting thousands will get me at least one picture perfectly or you may think it will increase my chances of getting the outstanding one.

This may sound like a good idea but in reality, it's not going to work you are just wasting your time and it will make you lazy more and more.

Just set limitations to your photos you have to get the right click in that limited number of clicks. If it's not working think, why is not working?  try to find the salutation.

When you carefully consider each and every exposure will result in a much better image. And of course, it will save your time on review and process.

You need a huge portfolio 

Many think they need a huge portfolio, and what they end up doing is they just fill they're a website with thousands of photos

They think by doing this they are showcasing there work to there customers but no who has a time man to see all those pictures.

When it comes to showcasing your work you should go for quality, not over quantity.

Select only your best work and try to promote and showcase it this way you can present your style of shooting.

Don’t create a gallery of thousand pictures that no one wants to see if you want to get hired you have to learn the art of showcasing your work.

No one like to scroll over a dozen landscapes or portraits, they are here just to see what you are capable of doing.

If you have an extensive portfolio, share your photos on social media and link those channels to your website.

So that visitors can look over there if they are interested in seeing more of your work.

Manual mode is the best 

I have heard this many time like people say you know he doesn’t know properly how to click in manual mode.

And he says he is a photographer, how can a photographer only uses auto mode can become professional in his career.

Look I agree you have to and need to learn how to shoot in manual mode. It is a part of your mastering the camera.

And this will also improve your technical skill but that doesn’t mean only who uses the manual mode are the best photographers.

You should not stick to a single set of your camera what's wrong in using auto mode if you are getting good results,  it's totally fine.

Sometimes scene and subject come with a specific set of requirement, and you need to be very quick to change rapidly.

Never hesitate to switch to an auto mode in that situation the mode should be picked according to each situation.

Lighting is not so good today let's shoot on some other day

Bad lighting there is no such thing, itself is the biggest myth.

People think that they can't shoot today because it's raining outside or its too cloudy to get good pictures, its impossible to take a good picture today look it's too sunny outside.

They are just not trying or learning how can they take really good images with the most of this weather.

Don’t look at the lighting conditions, but try to look at it as a new challenge to take your photography skills further.

For an example, If it is too cloudy outside then this is the right time to shoot landscapes and portraits due to the lack of contrast.

Like this look for the ideas so you can take the right use of weather condition.

You need to keep the horizon straight always 

Come on man, now this cant be a myth we have to keep the horizon straight that's an important dude. You might say like this.

And I even agree that most of the time horizons should be kept in straight sets, but there are few exceptions to do this.

Horizontal lines steady the composition, and which in some case may result in motion loss.

This is the biggest issue when you talk about action photography because here the main motive is to capture the movements.

And this compositions can really benefit from camera tilt, as diagonal horizon results in highly dynamic images that will perfectly capture the subjects nature.

The subject should not be in the middle

When a photographer learns a new rule it's so exciting for him and he always tries to follow that rule and here talk about the rule of third.

I'm not saying we should not follow the rules it’s an amazing asset when it comes to learning how to arrange a great shot.

But keep in mind you need to be trying new things as well without being afraid of breaking the rule when you try new stuff and experiment with your composition you will learn new thing.

And yes that might include placing your subject in the middle.

Look,  patterns and symmetry are also the part of nature and it's also a huge eye catcher things don’t miss the chance.

When you get a chance to capture such stunning shot go for it forgot the rules.

Tripod is must

A tripod can turn into your best friend at some moment and the same best friend will turn into your worst enemy.

Yes using a tripod can help you in some place to get really good images this can even impact on the sharpness of your photo.

But depending too much on a tripod will have the same amount of negative impact on your work.

Always using a tripod will narrow down your mind, some time the photographer set their tripod before planning the shot.

If they can't manage to carry the tripod with them they don’t also carry their camera and this may turn into the loss of opportunities.

You can manage without a tripod just be sure about yourself don’t be scared to hold the camera on a rock or hand use everything which will help you to get that shot.

Post-processing is cheating 

Some people don’t like post-processing their work they think it's not a good thing actually we all think post-processing started with photoshop.

But that’s not true before even photoshop was invented in early days, the photographer used a number of techniques to edit their image in the darkroom.

They were used to do thing link burning, scratching the negatives, blurring, airbrushing, and coloring.

If you are shooting the RAW images it requires some amount of post-processing to see its full potential.

And it’s a good thing which you should be doing. And your results will leave the impact on your work and dedication.

Some people say they always get the right click I don’t need any post-processing and all, to make my photo to look perfect.

Yes, they are getting the right results but they are most likely shooting in JPG, and this means it already automatically processed within the camera.

And don’t forget post-processing is also the part of the digital photographic process, just like darkroom is the part of the analog photographic process.

Professional photographers are better than beginners.

Yes, they are making a lot of money with their photography skill but that doesn’t mean they are a better than beginners.

The good photographer is someone who can offer quality and consistency, I have seen many photographers who just knows how to make many out of their photography skill.

But there are also some people who just started their career but they click better than professionals.

Many lose the passion and creative work when they just work for money.

have guys heard about any other myths? leave a comment below


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