You need to stop believing in all these myths about photography in 2019

When you start photography career whatever you listen to seems true and as the day passes you will realize this is all the myths.

11 photography myths you need to stop believing  in it in 2019

Now photography is a huge art form everyone has a camera, everyone has a lens right now but there are certain myths in your mind.

Which if not clear you can still have some doubts that may slow you down in the growth as a professional photographer, As a beginner, everybody is confused about their profession is this a true or myth. 

So by this post, I'm just trying to help new photographers out there who think this is not a myth and they still believe in this.

 Here is the list of 11 photography myths

The job of a photographer is too easy 

Yes taking the photos is not a big deal anyone can do this, but being a photographer is the toughest job.

Hmm, even a school kid can press the shutter and can take the picture.

But it's not easy to capture what you want in a truly appealing manner.  To take such an image it requires a certain experience, and a lot of skill, and most important dedication.

The complication of the matter only an expert can understand like that only a true photographer can realize the complication and the challenges faced by him in the journey of capturing that image.

And saying is easy you can start a photography business but nobody teach how to start the photography business.

When they upload the stunning photo on social media everyone thinks they are so lucky what an easy job just go to the place you love and click some images

But that's not the true struggle behind that stunning image the efforts it takes, hours to edit the image to give an appealing look.   

If you want a great photo you need to have an expensive gear

Just like spending a lot of money and buying a piano will not going to make you a good musician. Similarly spending a lot of money on an expensive camera will not make you a good photographer.

Do you know what is the most important component of the camera?  it is always 12 inches behind it. hope you got my point. 

Ya, I know and agree that more professional gears can provide you more flexibility in clicking photos and get an amazing result out of it.

But the main point is its not the expensive gear that giving you the great results it's you a skilled photographer makes the job easy and manage to take even great photos with fewer tech-gears.

Before you spend on the new camera or lens in the market just think a new way of exploring with your old stuff.

Try experimenting with your tools and try to take a proper grip on them so even when someone asks you to click the image in the middle of your sleep it should make any difference.

Educate your self with every single function and feature of your camera has, and how can you experiment with it.

Even an expensive gears cant guarantee you that with the help of it you will never get bad clicks.

Shoot a ton as many as photos you can 

Its funny how can you get a right click, when you are not properly focusing on the content. and it is known as ‘ ‘ SPRAY AND PRAY ’

A lot of time I listen to people saying like, I got 1000 photos of it but no one is perfect. I mean what, what  I want to say them is, listen properly to what you are even saying.

Means you are assuming that shooting thousands will get me at least one picture perfectly or you may think it will increase my chances of getting the outstanding one.

This may sound like a good idea but in reality, it's not going to work you are just wasting your time and it will make you lazy more and more.

Just set limitations to your photos you have to get the right click in that limited number of clicks. If it's not working think, why is not working?  try to find the salutation.

When you carefully consider each and every exposure will result in a much better image. And of course, it will save your time on review and process.

You need a huge portfolio 

Many think they need a huge portfolio, and what they end up doing is they just fill they're a website with thousands of photos

They think by doing this they are showcasing there work to there customers but no who has a time man to see all those pictures.

When it comes to showcasing your work you should go for quality, not over quantity.

Select only your best work and try to promote and showcase it this way you can present your style of shooting.

Don’t create a gallery of thousand pictures that no one wants to see if you want to get hired you have to learn the art of showcasing your work.

No one like to scroll over a dozen landscapes or portraits, they are here just to see what you are capable of doing.

If you have an extensive portfolio, share your photos on social media and link those channels to your website.

So that visitors can look over there if they are interested in seeing more of your work.

Manual mode is the best 

I have heard this many time like people say you know he doesn’t know properly how to click in manual mode.

And he says he is a photographer, how can a photographer only uses auto mode can become professional in his career.

Look I agree you have to and need to learn how to shoot in manual mode. It is a part of your mastering the camera.

And this will also improve your technical skill but that doesn’t mean only who uses the manual mode are the best photographers.

You should not stick to a single set of your camera what's wrong in using auto mode if you are getting good results,  it's totally fine.

Sometimes scene and subject come with a specific set of requirement, and you need to be very quick to change rapidly.

Never hesitate to switch to an auto mode in that situation the mode should be picked according to each situation.

Lighting is not so good today let's shoot on some other day

Bad lighting there is no such thing, itself is the biggest myth.

People think that they can't shoot today because it's raining outside or its too cloudy to get good pictures, its impossible to take a good picture today look it's too sunny outside.

They are just not trying or learning how can they take really good images with the most of this weather.

Don’t look at the lighting conditions, but try to look at it as a new challenge to take your photography skills further.

For an example, If it is too cloudy outside then this is the right time to shoot landscapes and portraits due to the lack of contrast.

Like this look for the ideas so you can take the right use of weather condition.

You need to keep the horizon straight always 

Come on man, now this cant be a myth we have to keep the horizon straight that's an important dude. You might say like this.

And I even agree that most of the time horizons should be kept in straight sets, but there are few exceptions to do this.

Horizontal lines steady the composition, and which in some case may result in motion loss.

This is the biggest issue when you talk about action photography because here the main motive is to capture the movements.

And this compositions can really benefit from camera tilt, as diagonal horizon results in highly dynamic images that will perfectly capture the subjects nature.

The subject should not be in the middle

When a photographer learns a new rule it's so exciting for him and he always tries to follow that rule and here talk about the rule of third.

I'm not saying we should not follow the rules it’s an amazing asset when it comes to learning how to arrange a great shot.

But keep in mind you need to be trying new things as well without being afraid of breaking the rule when you try new stuff and experiment with your composition you will learn new thing.

And yes that might include placing your subject in the middle.

Look,  patterns and symmetry are also the part of nature and it's also a huge eye catcher things don’t miss the chance.

When you get a chance to capture such stunning shot go for it forgot the rules.

Tripod is must

A tripod can turn into your best friend at some moment and the same best friend will turn into your worst enemy.

Yes using a tripod can help you in some place to get really good images this can even impact on the sharpness of your photo.

But depending too much on a tripod will have the same amount of negative impact on your work.

Always using a tripod will narrow down your mind, some time the photographer set their tripod before planning the shot.

If they can't manage to carry the tripod with them they don’t also carry their camera and this may turn into the loss of opportunities.

You can manage without a tripod just be sure about yourself don’t be scared to hold the camera on a rock or hand use everything which will help you to get that shot.

Post-processing is cheating 

Some people don’t like post-processing their work they think it's not a good thing actually we all think post-processing started with photoshop.

But that’s not true before even photoshop was invented in early days, the photographer used a number of techniques to edit their image in the darkroom.

They were used to do thing link burning, scratching the negatives, blurring, airbrushing, and coloring.

If you are shooting the RAW images it requires some amount of post-processing to see its full potential.

And it’s a good thing which you should be doing. And your results will leave the impact on your work and dedication.

Some people say they always get the right click I don’t need any post-processing and all, to make my photo to look perfect.

Yes, they are getting the right results but they are most likely shooting in JPG, and this means it already automatically processed within the camera.

And don’t forget post-processing is also the part of the digital photographic process, just like darkroom is the part of the analog photographic process.

Professional photographers are better than beginners.

Yes, they are making a lot of money with their photography skill but that doesn’t mean they are a better than beginners.

The good photographer is someone who can offer quality and consistency, I have seen many photographers who just knows how to make many out of their photography skill.

But there are also some people who just started their career but they click better than professionals.

Many lose the passion and creative work when they just work for money.

have guys heard about any other myths? leave a comment below

Best Free image hosting sites for storing high-quality images in 2019

It is not necessary to store your images online you need to pay.  There are many free images hosting sites which will provide you with the facility to store the images for free. and I will also provide you with the image hosting sites list

We all love our image collection and don’t want to lose this and for photographers, they have a very huge collection of photos and need a proper place to store. and free image hosting site is the right place.

 And when you need to show or share these memories with someone it is the most annoying part.

And at the beginning of your photography career. It is a big question where should I store my images online and it should also be easy to share.

with the help of this image hosting sites you will not only able to store your images but also you can share this images with anyone you want. 

As you start growing as a photographer it is very essential to maintain a good portfolio and it should also be easily assessable when you want your work to share with someone.

In online, there are many platforms which provide you this facility.

But which one is good for you what are the differences between them and is there any hidden charges? To clear all your doubts and to save your time. I'm here to help you in finding the best hosting site to upload and share images. 

Here I will provide you with all the information you need to know about this free image hosting site.

So here are the 15 best image hosting sites:

15 Best Free image hosting sites for storing high-quality images in 2019

Google hosting is one of the best image-hosting resources for uploading high-quality photos in large quantities.

 The site has an automatic backup feature, so you don’t have to worry about losing any of your photos.

You don’t have to worry about organizing your images every time as you keep using it,  it will understand your algorithm and make your work easier.

And you can search for your images even through dates.

  • auto upload from all your devices, back up an view a lifetime of photos across all your devices, Edit made once appear on all your devices.
  • Automatically organized and searchable see all your photos organized by people, places, and things. Search by what you remember about a photo, no description needed.
  • Easily edit and share how you like, crop, add filters, and adjust your photos in your browser. Share lots of photos at once, even with people who don’t have the app
  •  It has its own assistant, this assistant will help you to create albums, short videos and many more out form your photos and even it will help you in assist how to use google photos.

  • there are no so many cons about google photos, yes it gives unlimited storage to store your images but there is a  limit of photo resolution of 16 megapixels and video resolution to 1080p 30fps.
storage limit: unlimited 

Accessibility: phone, tablet, computer


15 Best Free image hosting sites for storing high-quality images in 2019

Dropbox let you upload many types of files, including photos.

Here you can freely upload your images to the cloud and share it 
with just using link individually or folder wise like google photos.

And even it has an automatic backup feature which makes your work easier to keep your image safe even if you forgot to backup it.

Here you don’t have to worry about resizing of images dropbox is not going change any of your data you can upload and save it in its original form.

You can even sync it with your phone and desktop directly with Dropbox folder.

You can easily create a folder and subfolders to keep your photos in an organized manner either on phone or desktop.

Sharing, To share a photo with your friends you just have to copy the link of the image and share it whenever you want.

If you allow your visitors they can even download the image or albums.

This platform is easy and simple to store and share photos. And it has an offline mode to view your photos anytime.

  • not only images even here you can upload a different type of files
  • It has an automatic backup feature and you can sync it with phone and desktop
  • Easy to use and create a folder and subfolder and share all this with just one link
  • And even you can let your visitors download images you can offline your images to access it whenever you want

  • It provides very less storage facility 
  • It does not provide editing option to edit your images
Storage limit: 3GB 

Accessibility: phone, tablet, computer 

Google drive 

15 Best Free image hosting sites for storing high-quality images in 2019

In google drive you can store any type of file or photo I mean pdf, doc, and many types

Its very easy to use, you just need is a Gmail account and you can share this file with anyone and anywhere you want.

But the problem is it's not as good when it comes to backup than other options you get

  • easy to use not much effort needed in arranging the files.
  • You can offline your photos and can see it whenever you want.
  • It allows you to save any form of a file in drive and can backup
  • You can use this as document creator like Microsoft and the best part is you can add youtube videos in one click to your document.
  • And when you share your work with others you have options as they can only see your work and comment on it no more then that if you wish you can let them edit your work also.

  • It has a low storage limit 
  • When it comes to sharing it has some disadvantages.

Storage limits: it has 15GB of storage

Accessibility: phone, tablet, computer

Amazon drive

15 Best Free image hosting sites for storing high-quality images in 2019

Yes like many Amazon services this company also provides you the storage facility

Very fewer people know about this prime photo storage plane but it only gives you limited.

And for unlimited service you need to pay after that, you can store unlimited photos and even you can invite up to 5 friends.

They can also use this facility and store their photos and one more this you can only save up to 5GB of videos in the free account.

This has a backup feature which makes to keep image safe in a convenient way.


  • easy and simple to use

  • It is safe and faster to upload an image to the cloud 

  • It dose not have an edit option for images
  • You can’t share your images directly to social media
  • Limited storage for a free account
Storage limit: up to 5GB

Accessibility: phone, tablet, computer


15 Best Free image hosting sites for storing high-quality images in 2019

Tinypic is a photo and video sharing service, owned and operated by 

Which allows you to upload and share your images and videos easily and the sharing process is also very easy you just have to create a link of the image and share it with anyone you want.

As many hosting sites this will also not provide all kind of freedom, you can upload images but that should not be larger than 1600 pixels.

It will get resized automatically to acceptable pixel size but aspect ratio will remain the same.

The one thing according to my research I found that many people have lost their images in this site on 2010 all of sudden many people lost their data and there was no statement from the site

To upload images you don’t need to have an account.

  • This is the best sharing site if you are planning to share your photos quickly
  • You can even add videos up to 5min long

  • you get only 90days to store that image after that it will get deleted  automatically
  • You can upload one image at one time.

Storage limit:100MB of the image can be uploaded to the site

Accessibility: phone, tablet, computer


15 Best Free image hosting sites for storing high-quality images in 2019
Flickr is an image and video hosting website it is one of the oldest and widely used platforms this website owned by SmugMug.

This website has a total of 87 millions of registered members  and according to study it is found that more than 305 million new images uploaded daily

Flickr has its  app for both android and ios users

Flickr has 2 plans one is for free which allows the user to save the image to certain limit and pro version you need to pay for this service and you will get unlimited storage.

According to recent research, Flickr deletes images automatically if the free user has older images more then 1000 images and he is not shifting to the pro version. 

  • very easy to use
  • You can upload images through your phone or using your mail
  • Sharing contact in social media is easy 

  •  without any notice, they delete images of users
  • Before they use to provide 1TB of storage
  • Videos you upload cant be more than 3mins in the free version

Storage limit: up to 1000 images you can store

Acceptability: phone, tablet, computer

15 Best Free image hosting sites for storing high-quality images in 2019

Ya use the name is little different and it also works little differently.

If you are searching for hosting service which is best to upload many photos at once this is the right choice for you. 

Its let you upload 100 photos at once and when you upload images it will remain in its original size.

And you can save image here for permanently and there are no limitations on storage file size and bandwidth.

You don’t have to create an account to use the site without an account also you can upload images and can make it privet or public.

This site has also editing options to resize your images if you wish to change it and can also organize your photos into an album.

  • you can upload 100 photos at once
  • It provides unlimited storage
  • You can edit and resize your images
  • You can also create an album of your photos, you can store your images as long as you want.

  •  sharing options are not so friendly it does not provide a direct link to share the image

Storage limit: unlimited

Accessibility: phone, tablet, computer 


15 Best Free image hosting sites for storing high-quality images in 2019

Yes in 500px you can store images but mostly not famous for image hosting.

It’s a better place to showcase your portfolio to new photographer out there and even they can comment on your work.

Using 500px you can build your profile and sell your images online.

It has some social networking features and even you can follow your favorite photographer

When you build a profile on 500PX it gets easier to sell your work online using 500px and its not so friendly when it comes to sharing

This site does not give any direct links to share your work

  • A great platform to showcase your work
  • The site provides facility to sell your work online
  • Makes easier to follow talented photographers if you like there work and want to follow them 

  • If you need more space you have to pay for the service
  • Not so friendly when comes to sharing
  • A good platform to showcase not a good hosting site

Storage limit: 20 photos per week

Accessibility: phone, tablet, computer

Image venue 

15 Best Free image hosting sites for storing high-quality images in 2019

Image venue this site allows its users to upload the images but it resizes the image which you upload and you can store the image as long as you wish to save it.

But when it resized it will also retain the quality here you can upload photos up to 6MB in size.

The site has its limit it only allows you to store maximum up to 3GB per month it's not a great deal right I know but the facility is free.

This image hosting site is mainly useful for people who are looking to upload their images and have a huge amount of photos to share.

This platform is best for bloggers, forum or message board users, and the eBay sellers.

  • The best site for bloggers and forums or message board users
  • It will not lose its image quality when it gets resized
  • Easy to share huge amount of photos at once
  • Using this platform you can sell your work

  • It has some limits when you upload images
  • This site has no unlimited facility

Storage limit: 3GB per month

Accessibility: phone, tablet, computer


15 Best Free image hosting sites for storing high-quality images in 2019

This is a good site guys like this offers some good service for free here you can upload and store an unlimited number of photos.

And you don’t need to worry about any expire or backup something you can store your images as much long as you wish to save it.

And moreover, you don’t need to create an account to upload and store the images.

But the free account has its own benefits like with the free account you can easily create an album of your photos

And even you can add some tags and you can upload images with the help of email attachments you will get a direct link by using that you can post it on social media

They give a lot of options for uploading images as you can just copy and paste the photo onto the website.

Or by entering the URL and one more is by selecting the images from your computer.

 And even you get many apps for lap and phone using all those you can upload images.

This site allows to upload many types of files but the only problem is you can upload a non-animated file up to 20MB and GIFs up to 200MB

Its most famous image hosting site and using also very painless And sharing this site also makes easy to share images on any social media platform.

  • This site provides unlimited storage and it has no time limit you can store here as long as you want to save.
  • And you can do all this without creating an account
  • It provides many options for uploading images to the website
  • Here you can upload different  types of images
  • And sharing is also very easy you can share your images on any social media site

  • This site doesn’t have too many cons, after all, they are providing all this facility for free.
  • But when it comes to uploading videos and GIFs this site has some limitations.

Storage limit: unlimited

Accessibility: phone, tablet, computer 

Free image

15 Best Free image hosting sites for storing high-quality images in 2019

This site is also very similar to other image hosting sites.

Here you don’t need to create an account with creating an account you can still upload your photos and you can store those image for a lifetime.

This site also provides you with the HTML code to link your photos so if you want to share your images this will make you work easy.

This site supports many types of files and you can upload up to 3MB of size image without any worry.

This image hosting site is very easy and convenient to use and upload your images this site home page has too many ads.

And here you don’t get any direct link to share your images but still, you can share this on any sites it is a quick option you can say. 

  • you don’t need an account to upload images
  • You get a lifetime storage space to store your images
  • It provides HTML code to link your photos and share on social media site
  • Easy and simple to use  and most people say it is very convenient to use


  •  This site doesn’t have a direct link to share your images
  • It has limitations of 3MB  size above that you can't upload images
  • And this site has no editing options as many sites have
  • It has too many ads on the home page
Storage limit: unlimited

Accessibility: phone, tablet, computer  


15 Best Free image hosting sites for storing high-quality images in 2019

This site also mainly focus on showcasing the work of photographer on the website and even on social media.

As social media aspect, it is great place to showcase your work when you are just starting your career in photography.

When you open the account on the site you will get a customizable photo site and even it has many kinds of design templates.

Here you get an inbuilt edit tool to edit your photos and to change the design of the site by adding types of templates.

But the major drawback about this site it's not free so this site is mainly used by photographers who are searching a great platform to showcase there work.

Here you can even set up the e-commerce shops to sell your work online and even offline if they want it in printed form.

And here you can use your own domain name.

  • The main focus of this site is to showcase  your work to the public
  • Its provide you an inbuilt tool to customize your website
  • Sharing on social media site is very easy

  • It's not a free site
  • This is a great place for a photographer not for everyone
  • This site doesn’t have so many options as many other sites have.

Storage limit: storage space depends on the plan you chose

Accessibility: tablet and computer


15 Best Free image hosting sites for storing high-quality images in 2019

Postimage is a platform which let you store your images permanently even without creating an account this site can be used by desktop software.

Here you can upload images up to 8 MB size yes it has some limitations in uploading images this site supports any types of files.

And also you can use the URL to upload your images to the website.

This site allows you to create a gallery or album with a unique link by using this link you can share your images with anyone you want.

Not only albums even the individual files have its own direct link and by using that is getting easier to share with others. 

When you upload the image you can change the size of it and make as you want it to upload within the 8MB size limit.

You are just searching to share the image for one day and you don’t want that to keep it in your gallery then you can choose the option of expiring after one day, one week, or even one month.

And if you don’t want to delete any of those images you can keep it forever. 

  • Here you can store your image as long as you want to share
  • It also gives the facility to set a time and the photos will automatically get deleted
  • It has edit option using that you can resize the image as you wish
  • You can create the album using your photos

  • It has the limit of 8MB size above that you cant upload
  • Not so easy and simple to use

Storage limit: this site has no specified limit

Accessibility: computer is better option


15 Best Free image hosting sites for storing high-quality images in 2019

Imageshack here you will get the great experience of interface that showcases your work to users and they can follow you.

This site is similar to Pinterest's both have the same kind of interface when it comes to showcasing the photos online.

Here you need to create an account to upload the images and store it.

But the free account also has its own benefits like it offers many helpful and useful features.

You can here organize your photos into albums if you want to keep it in a proper manner way you are getting right what I'm saying.

And also you can add tags which will help you in tracking your images and let others also can easily discover your work.

If you don’t want to share your work with anyone you can keep it on private mode so no one will be able to see your images.

And if you want to try the premium version site also provides you the facility where you get 30 days of free trial on the premium version.

The premium version has unlimited space, direct linking by using you can share your work more easily with others.

And you can also add watermarks or see the image stats.

And with the free account you get 10GB per month I know you must be thinking what west of time this site is.

This site has multiple application for phones and desktops which makes the process of uploading images and sharing make easier.

Even it has an edit option to resize and crop the image.

  • A good platform to showcase your work to the public
  • It has edit option by using you can resize and crop the image
  • This site provides multiple application to upload and share photos
  • By using tags you can easily track your images

  • The free version has only 10GB of space per month
  • For more better benefits of the site, you have to select the paid service
  • You don’t get a direct link to share your image on social media

Storage limit: 10GB per month

Accessibility: phone, tablet, computer  

15 Best Free image hosting sites for storing high-quality images in 2019

Imgbox this is completely free and provides you to store the image permanently and its too use.

This site has quick and simple ways to use it and also this site provides unlimited storage space so here you can store an unlimited image for as long as you wish.

You can upload many types of files but it has to be within 10 MB of size and you don’t need an account to do all this.

Yes, you don’t need to create an account to upload the images but if you do so you will get some benefits like they allow you to revisit your photos and galleries.

When you have an account you can control the upload setting you can preset it and upload the images which make uploading much faster and easier.

And even this site lets you share your work on all social media sites and if you all people they can also comment on your images.

This site is best if you are searching to upload the images and after share it on social media sites it make that work easier and faster.

  • provides unlimited storage and can store for a lifetime.
  • The best option to share on social media
  • Easy and simple to use
  • It gives complete control on setting so uploading gets easier
  • There is a limit in size to upload the image 10MB
  • It dose not provide any links to share with someone

Storage limit: unlimited

Accessibility: computer is better option 


hope this information will help you share this with your friends and if you want to know more or you have a specific question to ask the please comment down below. 


Photography can make you a millionaire in 2019

how to make money as a photographer in 2019
Are you serious, can I earn millions with photography? Absolutely  yes

how to make money as a photographer in 2019

Yes, there are many proven ways to make money with photography skill, but the problem is you have to work harder and smarter both the ways.

We all start photography as a hobby or want to do some creative work and due to many reasons. But as time passes we notice why can’t we make this our career.

In a photography career, yes we can make millions, but if we do it in the right way many people struggle at the start of there career.

Yes, it's true starting a career and building a good business is not easy but it's not that difficult as before now we have so many ways to make money in photography.

Still, don’t believe me, we all may hear of dabboo ratnani yes famous Indian photographer you can go and check about him how he started his photography career and how much he is earning today.

how to make money as a photographer in 2019

Not only him there are so many photographers who are earning so much today. Today we will also see what are the ways.

12 proven way to make money with your photography skill.

Target local businesses

how to make money as a photographer in 2019

Target local businesses what are you saying?

 wait I will explain, it's not only you who want to make money everyone wants to make money and grow their businesses.

Back then if we started a business and want to introduce it to people we had given ads in newspaper, tv or somewhere else.

But now we have a very huge platform called online and here come your work  you can get them very good pictures so they can use it to grow there business

But why will they choose you? In the start don’t sell your work for a higher price just keep it average.

Go out talk in your neighborhood and show your portfolio and work to them make a deal tell them you will provide a very high-quality image so they can use it on Facebook, Instagram, making banners or etc

You can even offer them like making a deal with banner or poster makers and grow your business,  just try to think out of the box there so many ways and in today's time, they need to have very high-quality images.

Teach what you have learned

how to make money as a photographer in 2019

Just play smarter. In your city, there are so many people who want to start there career in photography but don’t know how to do it.

So help them around teach them with basics, I'm not saying dot it for free you can even charge them but first, give them some free tips after listening to you they should come back to you to learn more.

Make a group of certain people and even you can start a small business in your city.

Start contacting new people make new deals which should be profitable for you both. 

Many photographers are now taking online classes and searching to promote there work to more and more people

Talk to them tell them you can help them and they have to do the same for you just keep searching for the opportunities.

You can even make a calendar which should look very unique by using your creative work after that just talk to calendar manufacturers. 

Sell digital or printed copies of your work

12 proven way to make money with your photography skill.

Everyone likes to decorate there office, restaurants or workplaces very beautifully by selling your printed or digital copies you can make some money.

You can sell your works on your own website. Or on some sites like Imagekind

Make a good collation of images and frame it and sell it in art or craft fairs.

Get your photos displayed in front pages of newspapers, social media sites to make sure you display your work very  beautiful

When some clients want your work. offer them your printed copies at a better price.

And don’t forget the local art or photography galleries, by showcasing your work there not only you can sell your art but can also it attract more clients.

Make sure you find a good printing service because in the end, what matters is product quality.

And in today's time, many websites has dropped its price for high-quality images so be creative and unique at your work.

And as I said above Imagekind is a very great platform to sell your work to all over the world and you don’t have to do anything printing or shipping they will only manage those things try it.

Sell your work on stock photography websites.

12 proven way to make money with your photography skill.

The stock website is another way of selling your photos online, If you have a great portfolio with you and you are ready to sell it online.

Then this is a great place for you, its a very big platform there are many people out there searching for good images and the great thing is you can sell the same image for many times again and again.

All the work promoting, selling, receiving payments you don’t have to worry about anything everything will be managed by the websites.

You just make sure which stock website you are signing in and read all the terms and conditions very carefully after that you can start uploading your images in your account.

Be a regular uploader and maintain the quality of images and many sites let you store your images for free

There are so many chances to sell your photos but you have to make sure how creative your works are getting day by day the more the work gets creative there are more chances of selling it soon.

And how to do all this thing

  • First, find a good stock selling website and signup reading all the terms and conditions very carefully
  • Start uploading high-quality images and be regular and even you can store this online somen sites provides this facility for free
  • Keep improving work day by day look and analyze what kind of images are selling most in the websites which one are on demand and show your creativeness on them.

Start blogging

12 proven way to make money with your photography skill.

Start blogging yes, this is also another way you can create traffic and earn money. And also you can promote yourself.

In blogging, you can share your tricks and problems you have faced when you started your photography,

This will help many people and you will also explore new things when you start blogging its not only the blog or traffic which makes money for you. You can even earn from ads.

When your blog starts getting popular the traffic will generate and by this, you can add ads in your blog post.

And you can even promote someone else not for free, you can charge for it or make  a deal you will promote them and they will also do the same for you so you will get new readers and your traffic will increase

And when you add links or some ads in your blog which may help your readers, if they want to buy it here also you can make some money thinking how?

Look when you get any new thing like a camera or something you can write a review or your experience it may help someone and by using affiliate links and when people buy that thing through that link, you will get your commission.

Blogging may help you in many ways, to earn money, to promote yourself, to learn new thing and explore more.

Conducting photography workshops and tours  

12 proven way to make money with your photography skill.

You are familiar with your city, and around the places, you know it very well and have a great image of it with you.

Try posting it on social media there are a lot of travelers group you can join and give them an offer as you will be there a tour guide and even you will teach them how to take great images.

Keep your website up to date and social media accounts too so people will come to know what you have for them.

Even this way you can promote your self, and you will also meet new people  by the day passes you will see your business growing

Because so many people travel to new places in their vacations  your description should help people to know more about that place

And even you can write a blog about that place in both the ways it will help you to grow your business

Conduct  a workshop once in while so you can share your learning with people and promote your work whenever you keep workshops try to put a decent price

So people can also afford it and you will also generate a source of income.

Shoot portraits 

12 proven way to make money with your photography skill.

But I don’t have a studio. don’t worry still you can manage with this, many clients like outdoor or locations shoot so you will find many opportunities.

People love when they have a good looking image with them to upload in LinkedIn, Facebook, even Tinder.

Just be creative and try new thing like in the price of passport size photo, offer them a high-quality image but they have to manage everything.

If they want a very high-quality image so they will have to pay not only for the image even traveling chargers and etc.

If they don’t want to spend too much money on travel then they have to find a good location near in place try making new offers new methods of selling growing your businesses

Even you can offer them for the portfolio at a very cheaper price but don’t give them in there hand tell them to download it by your website by this you will get clicks and traffic.

Sell your photos to magazines and newspapers

12 proven way to make money with your photography skill.

Yes, try selling your photos to magazines or even newspaper get in touch with a local magazine or 

newspapers publications and do inquire about any freelancer work this will not be permanent work.

But you can take this as side income show your portfolios by doing all this you will also make new contacts

Make sure to build a strong portfolio to increase your chances of getting work.

And you may wonder how much magazines get published for a year in India it’s a very big number.

The India Today Magazine is a weekly magazine published by Living Media India Ltd. It is published in five language editions - English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam - and today, with a total readership of about 15.9 million, is the most widely read publication in India.

So do you still think it cant be a good platform for you to showcase your work and grow your self as a photographer?

Shoot for events

12 proven way to make money with your photography skill.

Its one of the most classic ways to make money as a photographer

You can shoot for a wedding, bar mitzvahs, birthdays, company events if I go listing the events happens in India then I need to write a separate blog on it.

But you have plenty of opportunities just you should have some contacts and a very good portfolio to show your clients.

Ya, it’s a bit hard working job than others but you can make a huge amount also through this and even it will help you in all the ways to grow your business.

Keep a good profile so it will help you to find clients and when you find one do you best and give a good end product.

So with that, they will promote your work for free there may be a chance of getting new clients.

And don’t forget about your website you have to keep promoting it in all the ways you can and not only events

But also like you can look for real estate photos for ads, pet photo shoots just make sure wherever you work to maintain a good relationship with them.

Enter photography contests.

12 proven way to make money with your photography skill.

Its always not only about making money every time.try learning the new thing you will see many talented photographers.

There may be a chance of finding a new business partner or you may get a great idea for something big contest will help you in many ways.

Some competitions grant cash or any types of equipment for the winner.

And also by making new contacts, you can feature your website link in their website it's always a great way to have a backlink from an external photography website this is good for exposures.

And ultimately this will help you to get more clients and traffic on your website.

Get gigs as an assistant photographer 

12 proven way to make money with your photography skill.

You may get some free time right? There are many photographers who are searching for the help of an assistant photographer. Just like actors, having a supporting role can be very rewarding options.

First of all, you don’t need to look for clients or negotiate with them for the deal and by the other hand, you will get some money from it less work average profit.

And the good thing about this is you will also get some good experience and a good relation with new photographers

Try getting some more offer like this in the start you need to do some networking job use your contacts.

And even you can join the clubs of photographers to grow your network you will find these types of clubs in online many

Even social media is also a very good place to find a club like this and groups and try joining them if someone asks help there try helping them this will help you to make some good network in groups.

Because many photographers put this kind of offers in the groups now a day if you had a good relationship with some photographers that will help you.

Edit and retouch

 How to make money as a photographer in 2019

From the top models who want to retouch there photos, to a hotel owner who needs their look little sunnier.

Many people out there not happy with the present image what they have they want to edit.

And many would pay a higher price to get their photos retouched as they want it. If you are good at editing

This is a great opportunity for you even if you are bad at this there are many amazing photoshop online courses available you to learn this skill.

This is one more way for you to earn money from your website

You can easily work on this from your home you don’t need to travel anywhere or do some hard work for it just you need is a good computer and some skill.

You can keep this kind of work for the night too if you need some extra money for your business.

Some of the best website which may help you to grow.

  1. ( photography website builder and also help you to store your image and sell online)
  2. (photography website builder)
  3. (site to sell and print your work)
  4. (site to sell your work)
  5. (this site will help you with printing work provide best printing service)
  6. (another best site for printing service)
  7.  (this site helps you to store your images and sell)
  8. (yes here you can store up to 5GB of images for free)
  9. (this site will help you store up to 1TB of images for free)
  10. (this is a community site s and let you store an unlimited image for free just make when you upload don't press the button share with the community. you can store you how long as you wish and can share privately with URL)


And above I have shared 13 proven ways to make money and also some useful websites for you guys
hope this information will help you share this with your friends and if you want to know more or you have a specific question to ask the please comment down below.